Queenstown Industries Ltd.

Kitchen Cabinetry

From cabinets to counter tops, we help our clients with kitchen cabinetry in Fredericton, Saint John, throughout New Brunswick, and in Nova Scotia with our totally custom cabinetry!

Bathroom Cabinetry

Enhance your bathroom’s allure through our custom cabinetry solutions, expertly designed to maximize storage and space for an elevated and functional atmosphere.


Celebrate enhanced organization and functionality for your custom closet with our specially crafted cabinets, seamlessly uniting practicality and aesthetics for a stylish and efficient storage solution.

Custom Cabinetry

Experience the art of personalized craftsmanship with Queenstown cabinetry solutions, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics throughout your entire home, creating a truly unique and functional space.


When you work with Queenstown, you’ll get your dream bathroom. Enjoy expertly crafted cabinetry that combines functionality and style.


Experience elegance, modernity, and functionality in your kitchen with our Custom cabinetry solutions tailored to your vision!


Enhance the efficiency and organization of your closet space with our custom cabinets, skillfully designed to seamlessly merge functionality and aesthetics.

Custom Cabinetry

Elevate the overall cabinet design, storage capability, and functionality of your home with our custom cabinetry solutions.

Custom cabinetry experts serving Atlantic Canada